Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chapter 1 (Charlotte's Web)

A piglet has just been born and Mr. Arable wants to kill it because it is a runt. This, according to Mrs. Arable means that it was "smaller and weaker" than the other pigs and would "amount to nothing". Fern protests by saying that the pig could not help being born that way and that it would be an injustice to kill it. She pleads with her father not to kill the pig. She even attempts to grab the axe from his hands! We can see what a compassionate girl she is. She cares deeply even for the life of the piglet. At first, Mr. Arable seems firm about his decision and brushes Fern off by saying that he knows more about raising pigs than Fern does. However, when Fern questions her father on whether he would have killed her if she had been "very small at birth", he softens up. Out of love for his daughter, he gives in to her pleas. He allows her to raise the pig much to her delight. From the very start of the story, we can see how much Fern adores the pig which she names "Wilbur". She even thinks about him during her lessons.


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