Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chapter 2 (Charlotte's Web)

Fern doted Wilbur so much that she was willing to tend to his needs. Fern, especially liked to feed him milk three times a day. Wilbur led anomadic life and was finally moved outdoors, Fern was afraid that he would feel cold. However Fern was consoled when she discovered that Wilbur was kept warm in a tunnel, completely coverd with straw. Wilbur also showed his gratitude to Fern by following her wherever she goes, Wilbur was called a spring pig which means he was born in springtime. Mr.Arable decided to sell Wilbur as Wilbur was big enough to sell. Fern was upset after hearing that. Mr.Arable was unwilling to provide him with food.Then he called the Zuckermans to raise Wilbur. Mr.Arable rang them and they agreed. The next day they called them and paid six dollars and Wilbur was taken to the Zuckerman's barn.


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