Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 12 (Charlotte's Web)

One evening after a few days the writing had appeared on Charlotte's web,Charlotte called a meeting of all the animals in the barn.Charlotte called Wilbur.Then she called the other animals.Charlotte said that the message she had written on her web complimenting Wilbur had been received.She said that Wilbur's life could be saved as everyone has fallen for it.The animals cheered.Charlotte asked suggestions from the animals about a new slogan.Every animal thought of a slogan.Finally the goose's idea was chosen which was ''terrific''.Charlotte needed help in spelling that word so she asked the sheep to ask Templeton for magazines.He asked them what they were doing.They said that they were having a directors meeting.Templeton did not want to give the magazine.Finally the sheep explained everything and Templeton gave it to the sheep.Charlotte started weaving the new word.

Chapter 11 (Charlotte's Web)

The next day was foggy.Charlotte's web glistened in the light.Lurvy noticed the web when he came with Wilbur's breakfast.In the centre of the web Lurvy saw a word called ''some pig''.He was confused.He asked Mr.Zuckerman to come and see.Both of them were shocked.They thought that Charlotte had written that.Mr.Zuckerman told his wife that they were having an peculiar pig.Mrs.Zuckerman was bewildered too.Then both of them went there watching the words.Charlotte was glad that her trick was working.Later they started talkin about Wilbur.The next Sunday the news spread the whole county.Everyone came rushing to see Wilbur.Mr.Zuckerman was busy entertaining visitors each day.Wilbur was given more food too.Fern was glad that Charlotte's plan was working and Wilbur's life would be saved.

Chapter 10 (Charlotte's Web)

Charlotte was motionless thinking everyday about saving Wilbur's life.She was patient and determined.Finally she found out an idea.Wilbur came and asked what she was thinking about.Charlotte said to Wilbur that the people were gullible.He said that it was merciful.That morning Avery and Fern were playing with a frog and the swing.Fern visited Wilbur.Avery saw a huge spider in a web.Avery wanted to catch the spider which was Charlotte.Wilbur thought that Charlotte was going to die.Unfortunately Avery fall down on the edge of the trough where there was the unhatched egg.The air was filled with the smells of a rotten egg.They ran away.Wilbur told the other animals about the incident.The animals complaint about the smell.Then Lurvy gave some food for Wilbur.Wilbur ate heartily.Charlotte ate and thought of Wilbur's future.She weaved something up to midnight.

Chapter 8 (Charlotte's Web)

One sunday morning,The Arables were having their breakfast.Fern asked her parents if they knew that Uncle Homer's goslings had hatched asked Fern.She said to them that there were seven eggs but one did not hatch. She said that the goose gave the egg to Templeton as the other egg did not hatch. Mr.Arable was puzzled about what Fern was talking.He asked who was ''us'', and Charlotte. Fern said that it was the animals and her and Charlotte was Wilbur's best friend. Mrs.Arable asked Fern if Charlotte was a spider.Fern exclaimed that Charlotte said something pleasant to everyone in the barn.Later Mrs.Arable asked Fern to leave to school. Mrs.Arable was worried and said to him that Fern was rambling about animals.Mr.Arable said to her that he could call Dr.Dorian as he wanted him to know about Fern's queerly act.

Chapter 9 (Charlotte's Web)

Charlotte loved weaving her web during the evenings.Wilbur said that he wanted to spin a web.Charlotte coached Wilbur.Unfortunately Wilbur fall down.She complimented Wilbur.Wilbur tried again.Fern was proud to see that Wilbur was determined.But he fall down again crying.She advised Wilbur that he cannot spin a web as he lacked somethings. He told her that he was boasting.Suddenly a lamb came and told that Wilbur was the smelliest creature in the barn.Wilbur sobbed.Charlotte supported Wilbur.He fall asleep again.Wilbur suddenly remembered of his dreadful future.Wilbur told Charlotte that he did not want to die.He asked Charlotte if she promised him to save him.Charlotte said to him that she he will not die. She said that she was working on the plan.Charlotte advised Wilbur to take care of himself.She asked him to sleep and they said good night.

Chapter 7 (Charlotte's Web)

Wilbur liked Charlotte better each day.Wilbur found out that her campaign against insects seemed useful.Charlotte puts her victim to sleep before consuming it.Wilbur admired that. Wilbur gained more weight each day.His life was changed.One afternoon the oldest sheep greeted Wilbur.It said to Wilbur that he was putting on more weight.The oldest sheep told Wilbur why he was fattening ,as the Zuckermans kill him.As soon as winter arrives, all young pigs will get killed.He said to him that the Zuckermans, Mr.Arable and Lurvy were plotting to kill him.The oldest sheep said that each year he sees the business.Wilbur cried and said that he did not want to die. He screamed and asked for help.Wilbur asked Charlotte if it was true.Charlotte said that it was true.Charlotte said to Wilbur that she was going to save him.She asked him to stop crying.

Chapter 6 (Charlotte's Web)

It was the early summer.A day on early summer is when the goose eggs hatched.Charlotte was the first to know that the eggs were going to hatch.The goose could hear their voices from inside the eggs.The goose had been sitting on the eggs for four weeks.Finally the goslings had arrived.The goose said to Wilbur that there were seven eggs Templeton came,everyone watched him as he was not trusted.Templeton asked the goose where the other egg was.But it was a dud.She said to him that he could have it.The gander threatened Templeton that if he ever poked their goslings he will hit him.They were worried about Templeton as had no basic manners and would kill a gosling.The goose said that if that egg hatches, the barn will be untenable.That afternoon, Mr.Zuckerman came smiling at the goslings.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chapter 5 (Charlotte's Web)

That night,Wilbur found it difficult to sleep.Suddenly the voice which had said it will be a friend to Wilbur, kept tormenting him in his dreams.The next morning, Wilbur asked aloud who his mysterious friend was. The other animals were irritated. Wilbur apologised to them.Wilbur slept again. The same voice acknowleged him. Wilbur found out that the voice was a spider's. It addressed itself as Charlotte. Charlotte was near-sighted and could not see him clearly. When flies landed on her web, she dived and wrapped them up disabling the fly. Wilbur was horrified and found out that Charlotte ate all types of insects.Wilbur argued with Charlotte about her livelihood.The goose had been listening to this, thought about the dreadful future of Wilbur ending up in Zuckerman's Christmas feast.Wilbur questioned about his gamble friendship with Charlotte, later he found out that Charlotte was kind-hearted and loyal.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Chapter 4 (Charlotte's Web)

It was raining heavily the next day,upsetting Wilbur's plans.Wilbur had decided to venture out on that day.He had plans for the day comprising a hearty breakfast and a talk with Templeton a rat. Talking with Templeton was boring but it was better than nothing. Later he planned to sleep outdoors . From eight to nine,Wilbur decided to find something to eat and watch insects and swallows. During noon Wilbur had his lunch and planned to sleep. He thought of what it was like to be alive and waited for Fern.The rain hampered his plans and he felt lonely and friendless.He pleaded with the other animals to play with him but got rejected.He did not know whether he could tolerate the loneliness any more.Wilbur heard a voice say that it would be his friend. It said that he will see it in dawn.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chapter 3 (Charlotte's Web)

Wilbur stayed in a manure pile , to be kept warm. Fern visited Wilbur daily to accompany him. Since Wilbur was prohibited to wander out, he was unable to enjoy activities. One afternoon in June, Wilbur wandered about, feeling bored. He questioned his captivity when the goose heard it. He found a way to escape by pushing the loose board . Wilbur felt weird that the barrier was gone. Before he could explore, Mrs. Zuckerman noticed him and called men to capture him. Other animals heard about Wilbur's escape too. Wilbur felt uncertain when he was surrounded by people and animals. The animals commanded Wilbur to escape by giving various directions. Wilbur was puzzled and wished Fern was there with him. However Mr. Zuckerman lured Wilbur back to the barn by showing him the slops. As Mr.Zuckerman complimented Wilbur, he felt happy and decided that he was too young to venture out.