Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 10 (Charlotte's Web)

Charlotte was motionless thinking everyday about saving Wilbur's life.She was patient and determined.Finally she found out an idea.Wilbur came and asked what she was thinking about.Charlotte said to Wilbur that the people were gullible.He said that it was merciful.That morning Avery and Fern were playing with a frog and the swing.Fern visited Wilbur.Avery saw a huge spider in a web.Avery wanted to catch the spider which was Charlotte.Wilbur thought that Charlotte was going to die.Unfortunately Avery fall down on the edge of the trough where there was the unhatched egg.The air was filled with the smells of a rotten egg.They ran away.Wilbur told the other animals about the incident.The animals complaint about the smell.Then Lurvy gave some food for Wilbur.Wilbur ate heartily.Charlotte ate and thought of Wilbur's future.She weaved something up to midnight.


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