Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 11 (Charlotte's Web)

The next day was foggy.Charlotte's web glistened in the light.Lurvy noticed the web when he came with Wilbur's breakfast.In the centre of the web Lurvy saw a word called ''some pig''.He was confused.He asked Mr.Zuckerman to come and see.Both of them were shocked.They thought that Charlotte had written that.Mr.Zuckerman told his wife that they were having an peculiar pig.Mrs.Zuckerman was bewildered too.Then both of them went there watching the words.Charlotte was glad that her trick was working.Later they started talkin about Wilbur.The next Sunday the news spread the whole county.Everyone came rushing to see Wilbur.Mr.Zuckerman was busy entertaining visitors each day.Wilbur was given more food too.Fern was glad that Charlotte's plan was working and Wilbur's life would be saved.


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