Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 12 (Charlotte's Web)

One evening after a few days the writing had appeared on Charlotte's web,Charlotte called a meeting of all the animals in the barn.Charlotte called Wilbur.Then she called the other animals.Charlotte said that the message she had written on her web complimenting Wilbur had been received.She said that Wilbur's life could be saved as everyone has fallen for it.The animals cheered.Charlotte asked suggestions from the animals about a new slogan.Every animal thought of a slogan.Finally the goose's idea was chosen which was ''terrific''.Charlotte needed help in spelling that word so she asked the sheep to ask Templeton for magazines.He asked them what they were doing.They said that they were having a directors meeting.Templeton did not want to give the magazine.Finally the sheep explained everything and Templeton gave it to the sheep.Charlotte started weaving the new word.


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