Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chapter 3 (Charlotte's Web)

Wilbur stayed in a manure pile , to be kept warm. Fern visited Wilbur daily to accompany him. Since Wilbur was prohibited to wander out, he was unable to enjoy activities. One afternoon in June, Wilbur wandered about, feeling bored. He questioned his captivity when the goose heard it. He found a way to escape by pushing the loose board . Wilbur felt weird that the barrier was gone. Before he could explore, Mrs. Zuckerman noticed him and called men to capture him. Other animals heard about Wilbur's escape too. Wilbur felt uncertain when he was surrounded by people and animals. The animals commanded Wilbur to escape by giving various directions. Wilbur was puzzled and wished Fern was there with him. However Mr. Zuckerman lured Wilbur back to the barn by showing him the slops. As Mr.Zuckerman complimented Wilbur, he felt happy and decided that he was too young to venture out.


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