Friday, February 17, 2006

Chapter 4 (Charlotte's Web)

It was raining heavily the next day,upsetting Wilbur's plans.Wilbur had decided to venture out on that day.He had plans for the day comprising a hearty breakfast and a talk with Templeton a rat. Talking with Templeton was boring but it was better than nothing. Later he planned to sleep outdoors . From eight to nine,Wilbur decided to find something to eat and watch insects and swallows. During noon Wilbur had his lunch and planned to sleep. He thought of what it was like to be alive and waited for Fern.The rain hampered his plans and he felt lonely and friendless.He pleaded with the other animals to play with him but got rejected.He did not know whether he could tolerate the loneliness any more.Wilbur heard a voice say that it would be his friend. It said that he will see it in dawn.


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