Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chapter 5 (Charlotte's Web)

That night,Wilbur found it difficult to sleep.Suddenly the voice which had said it will be a friend to Wilbur, kept tormenting him in his dreams.The next morning, Wilbur asked aloud who his mysterious friend was. The other animals were irritated. Wilbur apologised to them.Wilbur slept again. The same voice acknowleged him. Wilbur found out that the voice was a spider's. It addressed itself as Charlotte. Charlotte was near-sighted and could not see him clearly. When flies landed on her web, she dived and wrapped them up disabling the fly. Wilbur was horrified and found out that Charlotte ate all types of insects.Wilbur argued with Charlotte about her livelihood.The goose had been listening to this, thought about the dreadful future of Wilbur ending up in Zuckerman's Christmas feast.Wilbur questioned about his gamble friendship with Charlotte, later he found out that Charlotte was kind-hearted and loyal.


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