Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 6 (Charlotte's Web)

It was the early summer.A day on early summer is when the goose eggs hatched.Charlotte was the first to know that the eggs were going to hatch.The goose could hear their voices from inside the eggs.The goose had been sitting on the eggs for four weeks.Finally the goslings had arrived.The goose said to Wilbur that there were seven eggs Templeton came,everyone watched him as he was not trusted.Templeton asked the goose where the other egg was.But it was a dud.She said to him that he could have it.The gander threatened Templeton that if he ever poked their goslings he will hit him.They were worried about Templeton as had no basic manners and would kill a gosling.The goose said that if that egg hatches, the barn will be untenable.That afternoon, Mr.Zuckerman came smiling at the goslings.


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