Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 7 (Charlotte's Web)

Wilbur liked Charlotte better each day.Wilbur found out that her campaign against insects seemed useful.Charlotte puts her victim to sleep before consuming it.Wilbur admired that. Wilbur gained more weight each day.His life was changed.One afternoon the oldest sheep greeted Wilbur.It said to Wilbur that he was putting on more weight.The oldest sheep told Wilbur why he was fattening ,as the Zuckermans kill him.As soon as winter arrives, all young pigs will get killed.He said to him that the Zuckermans, Mr.Arable and Lurvy were plotting to kill him.The oldest sheep said that each year he sees the business.Wilbur cried and said that he did not want to die. He screamed and asked for help.Wilbur asked Charlotte if it was true.Charlotte said that it was true.Charlotte said to Wilbur that she was going to save him.She asked him to stop crying.


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