Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 8 (Charlotte's Web)

One sunday morning,The Arables were having their breakfast.Fern asked her parents if they knew that Uncle Homer's goslings had hatched asked Fern.She said to them that there were seven eggs but one did not hatch. She said that the goose gave the egg to Templeton as the other egg did not hatch. Mr.Arable was puzzled about what Fern was talking.He asked who was ''us'', and Charlotte. Fern said that it was the animals and her and Charlotte was Wilbur's best friend. Mrs.Arable asked Fern if Charlotte was a spider.Fern exclaimed that Charlotte said something pleasant to everyone in the barn.Later Mrs.Arable asked Fern to leave to school. Mrs.Arable was worried and said to him that Fern was rambling about animals.Mr.Arable said to her that he could call Dr.Dorian as he wanted him to know about Fern's queerly act.


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