Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 9 (Charlotte's Web)

Charlotte loved weaving her web during the evenings.Wilbur said that he wanted to spin a web.Charlotte coached Wilbur.Unfortunately Wilbur fall down.She complimented Wilbur.Wilbur tried again.Fern was proud to see that Wilbur was determined.But he fall down again crying.She advised Wilbur that he cannot spin a web as he lacked somethings. He told her that he was boasting.Suddenly a lamb came and told that Wilbur was the smelliest creature in the barn.Wilbur sobbed.Charlotte supported Wilbur.He fall asleep again.Wilbur suddenly remembered of his dreadful future.Wilbur told Charlotte that he did not want to die.He asked Charlotte if she promised him to save him.Charlotte said to him that she he will not die. She said that she was working on the plan.Charlotte advised Wilbur to take care of himself.She asked him to sleep and they said good night.


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