Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chapter 13 (Charlotte's Web)

Far in the night Charlotte was working on her web.She was an expert in weaving.She started writting a new word was ''terrific''.She got very interested in her work.She talked to herself and finished her work.Later Wilbur woke up.Lurvy came and saw the word ''terrific''.He immediately called everyone to come and see.Wilbur felt terrific.Mrs.Zuckerman called the reporter.The news spreaded.People came to look at Wilbur.Mr.Zuckerman thought of Wilbur as a wonderous pig.He asked Lurvy to build a crate for Wilbur.Templeton asked Charlotte a few words which would be suitable for Wilbur.But Charlotte denied.Templeton found a word called ''radiant''.She asked Wilbur to act like radiant.Wilbur felt that he was radiant.Later Wilbur asked Charlotte to tell a story.Wilbur asked her to tell another story and sing a song.Finally Wilbur fall asleep.


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