Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chapter 14 (Charlotte's Web)

The following day was Saturday. Mrs.Arable wanted Fern to play with other children instead of sitting and watching at the Zuckerman's barn.Fern told that Charlotte was the best storyteller.Mrs.Arable asked her not to invent things. Her mother asked her what type of story she told.Fern told her about the stories. She asked Fern to go and play.Mr.Arable went to Dr.Dorian and said everything about Fern.Dr.Dorian said that he had heard about the pig.They talked about the spider's web.Mrs.Arable told about Fern and hearing animals talk.Dr.Dorian was surprised and ready to believe Fern.He asked her if Fern was eating and sleeping well and how Avery was.Dr.Dorian asked her if Fern knew any boys. Mrs.Arable said that Fern knew Henry Fussy.Dr.Dorian asked to tell Fern to associate with her friends more.


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