Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chapter 15 (Charlotte's Web)

Summer was gone.Autumn was coming soon.Everyone was quite sad.Wilbur was now the centre of attraction on the barn.More than hundred people came to the barn and admire Wilbur.Ever since Charlotte befriended Wilbur, Wilbur had done his best to live up to his reputation.Charlotte had written the word ''radiant'' now. So Wilbur was trying to act radiant.Sometimes he will have a nightmare like men chasing him with guns and knives.He thought that if he wins some prize in the county fair, the Zuckermans will let him alive.Charlotte had her own worries too.One morning Wilbur pleaded Charlotte to come to the fair.She told she was going to lay eggs.Wilbur asked her to lay her eggs at the fair.Charlotte agreed.She knew she could not help Wilbur much longer as she had to build sac that would hold her eggs.


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