Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chapter 16 (Charlotte's Web)

Everybody slept early the night before the County Fair.Everybody was dreaming about the fair.Charlotte was still awake.Morning came and everybody got up early and did their essential necessities.Lurvy placed clean straw in Wilbur's crate. There was a word written, Zuckerman's Famous Pig.Later Mrs.Zuckerman gave Wilbur a buttermilk bath.Charlotte decided to go to the fair too.After much persuasion Templeton came to the fair too. Templeton and Charlotte went into the crate.Suddenly Mr.Arable said to Mr.Zuckerman that he will get good meat after killing Wilbur.When Wilbur heard that.He fainted. Everybody saw Wilbur that he had fainted.Finally Wilbur regained consciousness after they had poured water on him.They did not know that there was a rat and a spider in the crate.Everybody got into the truck and off they went to the fair.


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