Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chapter 17 ( Charlotte's Web)

When they had arrived at the fair.they could hear music and see the Ferris Wheel turning in the sky.Fern and Avery asked their parents for money as they wanted to win prizes spinning the wheels.They also asked for food and other stuff.Finally both of them went. Then they took Wilbur out of the crate.When they left.Charlotte talked to Wilbur.Charlotte said to Wilbur that there was another pig larger than Wilbur.Wilbur began to cry.Charlotte found out that the other pig was a spring pig too.Charlotte was feeling poorly.Wilbur was worried that Charlotte was unwell.At noon the Arables and the Zuckermans returned to the pigpen.Then Avery and Fern came having some things in their hands and then Lurvy came carrying a blanket.Finally they decided to sleep as tomorrow the judges were going to decide about Wilbur.


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