Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chapter 18 (Charlotte's Web)

In the cool evening,Templeton crept from the crate,Wilbur lay asleep and Charlotte was building a web.Charlotte asked Templeton to bring back a word and said that she might be writing for the last time.Finally the evening came as a welcome relief to everyone.Fern and Avery woke up.Then her friend Henry Fussy invited her to go on a ride in the Ferris Wheel.Then Templeton arrived with a magazine and gave it to Charlotte.They found a word called ''humble''.Charlotte said to Templeton that he had been very helpful.Charlotte had finished weaving the word ''humble'' on her web.Then the Arables left home.He asked Charlotte if the Zuckermans would kill him when winter arrives.Charlotte said they will not.At the Arable's home,Fern said to her mother that she had the best time she ever had in her life.


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